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Pana-sonic scroll compressors Catalog

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Certificates Award

♦Certificate of “Advanced Technology” in October 1997.
♦ISO 9002 Quality Management System in November 1997.
♦ISO 14001 international environment management system certificate in March 1998.
♦Certificate of “High-Tech Enterprise" in September 1998.
♦"AAA" level reputation certificate in October 1998.
♦Certificate of Conformity for Electrical Equipment in March 1999 (CCEE).
♦“TUV” product certificate in May 2000.
♦And was conferred with the honor of Dalian Advanced Technology Corporation. Besides, several national compressor standards were drawn out by us, thus. We winhigh prize in compressor industry both domestically and abroad.
♦Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification in September 2002 (CCC).
♦ISO 9001 Quality Management System (2000) in October 2002.
♦ApprovalofJapanese “intensity Test Certificate" in Auqust 2003(No.15 Intensity 23)
♦“UL" product certificate in October 2003.
♦“VDE" product certificate in June 2004
♦“CE" product certificate in October 2004
♦OHSAS18001:1999 Certificate in September 2005
♦“CRAA" product certificate in August 2006.
♦“TIS" product certificate in December 2007
♦Korean "KC" product certificate in December 2009
♦“CB" product certificate in March 2011
♦“INMETRO” Product Certificate In September 2013

Products & Products Features


Products Features

♦2~20HP Semi-Hermetic Compresson
♦3.5~15HP Scroll Compressor
♦0.5~10HP CO₂ Rotary Compressor
♦1~20HP Condensing Unit                                                         
♦2~45HP Compressor Unit
♦60~125HP Tandem Central Compressor Unit                          
♦50~500HP Screw Compressor Unit
♦Immersion Quick-freezing Unit

♦Low sound and high adaptability to the ambient temperature
♦Less space occupation in saving place and energy 
♦Simpleinstallation with full-providedaccessories before
   factory shipment
♦Refrigerant R22、R404A、R407C、R410A R134a